Superior Rustproofing offers a variety of professional vehicle services that not only improves the look of your vehicle, but also extends its life and value. We have a team of dedicated technicians who can protect and enhance your vehicle with a suite of services. Packages are available to ensure you get everything you need to protect your vehicle and keep it looking great!

Salt and Moisture can cause rust


This is the gold standard service offered by Superior Rustproofing! Our Premium Permanent “Bumper to Bumper” Best Rust Protection Prevention product has been proven effective for over 3,000 hours. It has withstood salt spray tests, and even exceeds all military specifications.

The product is caramel coloured, paraffin-based, with a high concentration of calcium sulfonate. This acts to seal the metal. The formula is clean, drip-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and lubricating. It works on…



Enhance the look of your vehicle with tinted windows. Increase comfort, safety and protect your vehicle’s interior from damaging sun rays. Comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Get superior shine without wax! This three-step Environmental Paint Protection Lifetime Annual Program will seal and protect your vehicle’s paint job from weather (fading and oxidization). Get a long-lasting high-gloss finish that will filter out harsh UV rays that can damage your car. It also works to protect your vehicle from environmental elements, such as alkalics, salts, harsh detergents, road film, pollution, insects, acid rain, bird droppings, and tree sap. It’s reapplied annually.

Three step process: Neutra-Seal – Correct-It Clay – The Environmental Paint Protection


Superior Rustproofing applies an eco-friendly formula to protect your vehicle’s interior from water and oil-based stains. Goes deep into the fibres of your seats, doors, floor mats, and trunk! Protect your car against mould and mildew! It’s also UV resistant, to protect your fabrics from fading. For leather interiors, we offer a special protective treatment that will guard against fading and cracking.


Applied to the underside of your vehicle, this thick black coating works to prevent abrasions and rust, while also reducing noise from the road. This coating will not dry, chip, or crack. Works with all makes and models!

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